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HVAC Cleaning

HVAC unit is the central place from where air contamination starts. If the contaminants are not removed from the HVAC Unit then they pose health risks that will be detrimental like irritation, sinusitis and other respiratory illnesses. If the HVAC unit is not cleaned regularly, then they can decrease the efficiency and quality of air that is received by your indoors. Cleaning of HVAC ventilation system helps in eliminating unpleasant odors, reduce the growth of mold, increase the energy efficiency and reduce functioning costs.

Physical techniques, biocides or elementary Air Duct Sanitizers are used to clean and disinfect the HVAC air duct systems. The type of techniques to be used depends on the type of pollution that exists inside the unit, system constituents and the place of entry from where the contamination has entered.

Mechanical cleaning techniques are useful for cleaning certain HVAC components like duct, fan components, dampening, diffusers, internal surfaces of air handling unit. When the HVAC systems are being cleaned care must be taken about excessive particular debris and growth of microorganisms.